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EAA Supplements for Your Best Health & Fitness 

Our body requires protein on daily basis for maintenance of healthy muscles and overall fitness. Protein is made from 20 different Amino acids, out of which 9 are Essential Amino Acids (EAA). They are considered Essential amino acids (EAA) as they cannot be made by the body, as a result they must come from a wide range of foods or supplementation, or both. These EAA are available in form of supplements to improve fitness by promoting muscle development and recovery after training. EAA supplement if consumed post workout along with protein supplement, aids in faster muscle recovery and new protein synthesis. Additionally, they assist in faster recovery from workouts and reduce muscle fatigue, thereby enabling you to perform more workouts in better way.

BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid – 9 is world class EAA supplement that contains all 9 essential amino acids in a blend packed with other micronutrients.

What is EAA supplement?

Essential Amino Acids fuel the Muscle protein synthesis that allows your body to perform, recover and grow. Supplementation with EAA increases anabolic response to exercise.

EAA protein consists of all 9 essential amino acids that work together to achieve faster muscle recovery and to enhance muscle protein synthesis. In Essential Amino Acids, 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids are present which are branched at one end. BCAA’s are building blocks that body cannot produce on their own and uses to make protein molecules. Moreover, EAA protein, which contains all essential amino acids, is a valuable supplement for promoting muscle growth and recovery in your fitness journey.

BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid-9 supplement is a scientifically designed and manufactured product that contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids. BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid 9 aids in faster muscle protein synthesis while also lowering fatigue and soreness thus making it one of the best EAA supplement in the market.

There are 9 types of Essential Amino acids:

Histidine: Contributes to tissue health and plays a role in blood cell growth and development.

Isoleucine: Aids in providing energy and contributing to haemoglobin formation.

Leucine: Helps in muscle protein synthesis and regulate sugar levels.

Lysine: Important for normal growth and muscle turnover and used to form Carnitine.

Methionine: Helps protects body from oxidative stress and ionizing radiation and detoxification process; crucial for skin, hair, and nail health.

Phenylalanine: Important to produce certain hormones and promotes weight loss and help against depression.

Threonine: Essential to produce collagen and elastin, that helps maintain the strength of skin and other connective tissues.

Tryptophan: Precursor of the mood and sleep-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin.

Valine: It plays a role in energy production and is crucial for muscle development and repair.

Benefits of Using Best EAA Supplements

If you want success in your body building sessions and want to build a ripped and toned physique, then you cannot miss the EAA supplement consumption. In fact, many body builders use EAA supplements to construct and build muscles and promote muscle protein synthesis in body. EAA protein supplements benefits the body to achieve ripped and lean physique.

Consider using EAA supplements in your daily routine as it provides following benefits:

Build Muscles: Essential amino acid like Leucine helps in muscle protein synthesis and faster muscle recovery post a rigorous workout session. EAA’s helps in increasing the hormones and other compounds production.

Improved Energy: Branched chain amino acids like Isoleucine and Valine help to boost energy production, thus initiating a faster recovery post workout. If you take EAA protein supplement during workout you will feel enhanced energy to perform better for longer periods of time.

Enhanced Athletic Performance: As EAA provides instant source of energy and improve metabolism, it helps to improve the performance during workout providing advanced results. There are a variety of EAA supplements that have shown to improve performance, making them a perfect option for athletes or gym goers who want to boost performance and fitness.

Boost Immunity: Essential Amino Acids provides anti-oxidants, help removing toxins from the body which in turn helps boosting immunity and improved health and fitness. They work in proliferating immune cells and improving overall fitness.

Boost Mood and Brain health: EAA’s release certain neurotransmitters to improve brain health and enhance mood and fight depression, thus regulating certain nervous functions.

Hydration: EAA powder combined with electrolytes helps to maintain the fluid balance in body along with restoring hydration and maintains sustained energy levels for strenuous workouts.

How to Choose the Right EAA Supplements for you?

EAA supplements are essential for a person who is doing intense workouts in gym or an athlete doing rigorous practise sessions for the final event. After doing exercise, there is excess wear and tear of muscles which need to be recovered faster post workout or person may face severe loss of muscles. EAA supplements when combined with protein supplements helps in faster muscle recovery. After consuming, body digest these Essential amino acids and they are then transported to the muscle cells for faster muscle recovery. They are also utilized to create new protein cells thus helping in muscle protein synthesis and faster muscle recovery.

Many best EAA supplements are manufactured in India, out of which BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid – 9 is the newly launched upcoming EAA supplement from PROWL series of BUILD. team. EAA supplement prices may vary depending on the quantity of EAA added in the product. BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid – 9 is available on the official website buildyourgoals.com and pan India in Specialty stores. It is available in 2 tasty flavours -Kiwi and Blue Raspberry.

 Are EAA powder safe to consume? 

EAA supplements are made from Essential amino acids present in food. EAA’s are refined in a process to produce pure form of EAA’s. These pure form of EAA’s are combined together to make EAA supplements. As they are available in pure form, they do not have any side effects and are safe to consume. They can be consumed pre workout for enhanced performance, during workout for better energy and hydration or Post workout for faster muscle recovery and new Muscle protein synthesis.

Thus, EAA supplements are safe to consume and give amazing benefits if consumed during workout regime. Many Muscle recovery supplements are present in Indian Market like BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid- 9 which is one of the best upcoming EAA supplement in India.

 Why Choose EAA Supplements from BUILD?

Best EAA supplements in India are few to name that gives amazing benefits. EAA supplement benefits by increasing muscle protein synthesis and promotes faster muscle recovery.

BUILD. PROWL is an Indian sports Nutrition brand that have introduced a range of sports nutrition supplements. This range includes EAA supplement in name of BUILD. PROWL EAA Rapid – 9 and it is available in 2 delicious and tasty flavours – Kiwi and Blue Raspberry. Benefits from BUILD. PROWL is unique as it helps in boosting overall performance and stamina. EAA Supplement from BUILD. not only provides all 9 essential Amino acids which are required for muscle protein synthesis but it also promotes faster muscle recovery post workout and reduces fatigue and soreness of muscles. It consists of essential electrolytes blend that helps in faster recovery post workout along with a unique blend of sustained energy, rehydration, and muscle recovery in one drink. Also, presence of coconut water powder and Himalayan pink salt helps restore electrolytes levels during workout, improving stamina thus maintaining fluid balance in the body. All these features make it best EAA supplement in India.


What exactly are amino acids?

Out of the 20 Amino acids, 9 are considered Essential amino acids (EAA) as they cannot be synthesized by the body and need to consume only through foods, supplements, or both. EAA fuel the Muscle protein synthesis that allows your body to perform, recover and grow. Supplementing with EAA in pre workout can increase body’s anabolic response to exercise. Taking an EAA supplement pre or post workout can increase the new protein synthesis and allows muscles to recover and build more easily.

Who can benefit from taking amino acid supplements?

EAA supplements provides amazing benefits by promoting muscle recovery and new muscle protein synthesis. EAA supplements are beneficial for people from different categories like:
People going to gym and doing moderate to intense workout
Endurance athletes and Sportsperson
People looking for muscle mass gain
People looking for lean muscle building and mass gain

What are the potential side effects of taking excessive amounts of amino acids? 

There are no major side effects of consumption of EAA supplements as they are essential amino acids which are required on daily basis. But if taken in excess can cause some basic side effects like muscle cramps, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhoea, and liver dysfunction.

EAA vs BCAA - which is better? 

While BCAA contains varying ratios of 3 Branched chain Amino acids, Leucine, isoleucine and Valine, EAA includes all 9 Essential Amino Acids including the 3 BCAA’s which cannot be produced by the body and have to consume through diet or supplements. EAA are beneficial to promote muscle protein synthesis and for faster muscle recovery post workout whereas BCAA are beneficial for good muscle recovery post workout.

What is the difference between essential amino acids and protein supplements?

Essential Amino Acids contains all 9 essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body and need to consume only through diet or supplements.

Protein supplements contains different types of Proteins like whey, blend or plant protein depending on the source of protein used in manufacturing. Whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids along with non-essential amino acids.

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